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Spaghetti Disco Cap


The "Adventures of Italo Disco" tee and our beloved Dolmio Cap have kept as hungry for more sauce.

Al dente embroidered cap.
100% cotton with a brass buckle.
Black or Blue or Green

The design is a remix of an old Italo comp logo. Here's what Lorenzo Cibrario (Italian copywriter and music journalist) had to say about the barefaced stereotyping...

"Well, with the term 'Spaghetti Disco' or 'Italo Disco' we usually refer to a precise kind of music made in Italy first, and Europe later, between the early 70s and the mid-80s (roughly). Originally, it was called 'Italian Disco' or 'Italo Disco' and it was used to define a sound characterised by the use of synthesisers, drum machines and vocoders, with a very clear Italian taste for catchy melodies. The noun 'Spaghetti' was used abroad to define our Italian dance music made in those years. It is quite a simplistic process, but it worked for the masses, so I guess it was good marketing."

Hope you fall for our "good marketing" too.